Corbyn Labour

Jeremy Corbyn will remain Labour leader if they win or lose

ould damage Labour’s election adviser has told reporters that “it’s only the beginning of the Corbyn project” hinting that Jeremy Corbyn will stay on as Labour’s leader no matter if they’re elected or not in next week’s election.

A Buzzfeed report quotes Ian Lavery, one of Labour’s main tour speakers and a very close friend and associate to Corbyn, saying:

Whatever happens at the election isn’t the end of the Corbyn project, it’s only the beginning of the Corbyn project.

While this may be good for a small proportion of Labour voters, the news is certain to cause an uproar with the majority of Labour supporters who will likely want to wipe the slate if they suffer yet another embarrassing defeat at the hands of the Tories, which is becoming more-and-more likely as the days pass.

It’s not all bad news for Labour supporters, however, as a new report today suggests that Theresa May could damage post-Brexit trade deals with some of her pledges to voters.

The pair are also set to be put under scrutiny to Paxman later today, which could result in a small come-back for the Labour party if attention is turned to May’s plans (or lack of) to fund the NHS, like it did when Andrew Marr left the PM speechless last month.