Harambe Resurrected in the Form of a Political Party Gaining Masses of Support in the 2017 Political Election

After Harambe was shot in a sad incident in Cincinnati, he lived on in a million memes online.

Almost a year has passed since the tragic incident that saw millions of people express their outrage at the Ohio Zoo, and now the beloved Western lowland gorilla has been reincarnated in the form of a Political party that is hoping to claim a seat in the British Parliament.

After gaining thousands of supporters in the recent American Election, the Harambe Political Movement is making a comeback just in time for the British Election in what could be one of the biggest political surprises in history. What started out as a few internet memes quickly grew into a global phenomenon and with the backing of 500,000 Harambe Supporters, the dead Gorilla has been able to have a massive effect since his life was cut short.

Political Science students from King’s College London carried out a survey on over 40,000 18-25-yeal old students across the whole of the United Kingdom and the results are incredible! After being made aware of the Harambe movement, which is rapidly gaining momentum with the young millennials, a whopping 37% of male students pledged their support to the fallen hero, while a staggering 26% of women interviewed puts the Lowland Gorilla at a two-point lead over Labour.

Only time will tell if Harambe’s legacy will get him into the Political History book, but we’re hoping it does.

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